A Note From Your BrokerFebruary 15th, 2023

As your dedicated insurance broker; it is our top priority to ensure that our customers are properly protected, and obtain the support and coverage they would need in the event of claim. We are strongly committed to understanding the needs of each of our valued clients, ensuring their policy holder has a very clear understanding of such plans, and that the limits of coverage are equivalent with the cost of any potential claim.

Since the global pandemic, costs have vastly increased due to supply chain issues, cost of goods and labour shortages, all of which have affected the cost of insurance claims. This inflation has become a significant concern and has impacted insurance policies in many ways. The biggest concern is being underinsured due to the rising cost of replacing or repairing a property and/or its materials. An insurance company may increase the replacement costs limitation on an insurance policy, however, in many cases this increase keeps pace with inflation.

If you would like a personalized review of your insurance policy to ensure you have the accurate limits of insurance coverage; please send me a message HERE. Within this consultation, we will review your insurance policy in detail and recommend any changes that we feel would be necessary to ensure you have the coverage you need!

Looking for more information on inflation’s impact? Curious what this means for home & auto costs? READ MORE on changing limits, policy coverages and our responsibility to YOU during times of change.

-Jason Duliban


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