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The Benefits of Using a Broker For Your Insurance

Learn more about the many benefits of partnering with insurance brokers.

January, 25 2022

When it comes to complex purchases like insurance policies, using an expert is important to ensure you are getting advice based on your unique needs. Brokers are here to work for you and represent your best interests.

Learn more below about 8 reasons how working with a broker can benefit you the next time you make an insurance purchase.

The Many Benefits of Using a Broker for Your Insurance

There are many benefits to employing a broker for your insurance needs:

Relying on experts gives you peace of mind

Just like with any complicated purchase, using an expert to guide you offers peace of mind. You cannot be an expert at managing every part of your life – this is why you rely on your accountant, attorney, doctor, plumber, and veterinarian to be key partners in your life. Think of your insurance broker in the same way. A good broker is there to reassure you with their industry experience and knowledge. They keep up to date on the insurance business, so you do not have to. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from partnering with an insurance broker. Brokers are regulated by your province for additional peace of mind.

A broker works for you

Brokers work directly for consumers – not the insurance companies. You might be worried about a conflict of interest or being sold a policy that does not suit you, but when you work with a broker, this is not a concern. Brokers are independent and do not represent any individual insurance company. Rather, they represent the policyholder. This is an important consideration and difference from working with an agent who represents specific carriers. You may have more options and choices when you work with a broker.

Brokers can help you find competitive rates

When you shop for insurance coverage, you want to find the right coverage for your needs at a good price. Brokers can help you do just that. They shop around to different carriers – and are not tied to just one insurance company and their rates. They can solicit bids from many companies and negotiate to find the best price for your coverage needs. The best brokers do not take the first offer from an insurance company. They will go back and negotiate for the best rate – and it is often better than the rate you could have found working alone as an individual customer.

You can rely on your broker all year long, not just at renewals or purchase time

When you first think of your insurance needs, you may only think about your initial purchase or policy renewal. But when you work with a broker, they can help you throughout the year with your insurance needs. If you have a loss and need to submit a claim, you can ask your broker for guidance. If you are considering a new purchase, like a vacation cottage or a recreational vehicle, you can call your broker to ask about insurance needs. If your teenaged child is about to obtain their G1 license, your broker can offer reassurance and a shoulder to lean on.

Your broker can update you on new regulations

Insurance is dynamic, and regulations and laws change often. It can be difficult to stay current, but if you work with a broker, they will stay up to date for you. Your broker can be a great partner to help protect your financial investments, like your house and auto. Consider the recent lumber shortage and its effect on building costs. If your home suffered a loss, like a fire, and you needed insurance money to rebuild, would your coverage be enough after a period of high inflation? If you work with a broker, they can keep an eye on your coverage when conditions change and recommend you make changes as necessary.

Brokers can help you lower your risks

An important role of brokers is risk management. This means lowering the possibility of accidents and losses through better risk mitigation. It could be simple things like winterizing your home or putting snow tires on your vehicle. Or they may recommend more involved solutions, like updating your roof or removing dead trees from your property.

Brokers can advise you on ways to find cheaper insurance

If you are shopping for a new vehicle, check in with your broker first. They can help you understand which vehicles are more expensive to insure and which features to look for in your next car to get a discount on your auto insurance. Call your broker if you are planning updates to your home, as well. Your broker can advise on new insurance needs your renovations will require – and give you an estimate on the additional costs associated with your updates.

Your broker is your liaison to your insurer

Sometimes, it can be challenging and intimidating to work directly with insurance companies. They often use lots of jargon, and insurance policies can be difficult to read and understand for a layperson. This is where your broker comes in – they can be your intermediary with your insurance company, so you do not have to handle it directly. Your broker can also help explain your policy and other insurance terms so you can easily understand them. It is a great feeling to have an experienced broker on your side working to protect your interests and manage your considerations, especially when you consider there are many people working for your insurance company. It is helpful to have an independent broker in your corner.

The Bottom Line on Brokers

When it comes down to it, brokers help save you time and money. They can customize risk solutions to meet your needs and find you the best policy at the right price. Brokers work directly for consumers, not the insurance companies, making them unique in the insurance ecosystem.

It can be tiring and challenging to find the right insurance products for all your needs, especially when you consider you need a policy for your cars, home, cottage, recreational vehicle, boat, and maybe for special personal property you own. Add to that the complexities of additional drivers and vehicles as your family grows – and it becomes easy to see why a broker is valuable.

Our independent brokers are ready to help you with your auto or home insurance and any other coverage needs you have. We will walk through your current policies with you and learn about your needs to find any gaps in your coverage. Let us show you the many benefits of working with an insurance broker.

How do I Learn More?

To learn more about the benefits of using a broker for your insurance, contact the experts at Duliban Insurance. Our licensed experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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